Joseph Tangye

Joseph Tangye (Engineer)

Joseph born 1826

Died 2nd June 1902

1859 married Jane Angrove in Redruth cornwall

He had 5 brothers and 3 sisters, James, John, Edward, Richard, George, Anne, Alice and Sarah

He and his wife had 4 children,

Mechanicall Expert

Joseph was born in 1826 in lllogan Cornwall, he had 5 brothers and 3 sisters

In 1850 along with his brother James he went to work at Engineers William Brunson jnr. Who were the engineers for west cornwall railway

In 1851 jospeh and james followed brothers George and Richard to Birmingham.

In 1857 along with James Richard and George they set up Cornwall Works Smethwick. Were principal manufactures of Hydraulic Appliances.

They manufactured machinery which helped to drive the industrial revolution. They helped to create more powerful hydraulic rams which were used in Brunels SS Great Eastern (ship)

1865 Patented Improvements to Hydraulic Pulling Jacks

He was one of the entrepreneurial industrialist who helped forge modern Birmingham during the booming 19th century

He retired from the firm in 1872

The Tangye family went on to secure creation of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery by donating £10,000

He and his wife Jane had 4 children, Anne, John, Albert and James they lived in Handsworth Birmingham his wife died in 1871.

1873 purchased a house in Bewdley

1891 census shows he lived in Bewdley with his wife Martha and their 3 children Alice, George and Catherine.

He died in 1902 in Bewdley and was buried in Key Hill Cemetery, his grave was made from Cornwall granite which shows his connection with his roots in cornwall.


The brothers were always interested in making things and in engineering, Richard and James started Cornwall Works in Smethwick where Joseph and George joined them in producing Hydraulic press.

They patented many inventions especially Gas Engines.

Mourners travelled from Bewdley to Birmingham by rail to Snow Hill station.

The coffin was carried by eight of the older employees of Tangye Engineering.